Decisions Time

A strategy game addressing the skills of understanding customer needs.
Participants represent the management of Overseas Extremes Adventures Ltd. supervising adventure holidays organized in a Borneo jungle for very promising clients.
Teams work independently and in their decision-making process they must establish the best strategy to deal with numerous crisis situations that their clients encounter during the holiday.
Participants apparently have very contradictory goals: on the one hand they have to retain as much profit as possible. On the other hand, they have to keep their customers’ morale and satisfaction high.


  • Change management
  • Building relationships with internal and external clients
  • Practicing decision making procedures under time pressure
  • Balance between profit and client satisfaction
  • Foreseeing consequences of some decisions
  • Teamwork, group conflict solution, group decision making


Duration: 3 hours (+ debriefing and training)

Number of participants: 8+

Benefits for the organization

  • Understanding that there is a solution to every situation and it lies in making the right decisions
  • Demonstrating that the most costly solutions do not necessarily translate into customer’s highest satisfaction
  • Understanding that it is important to look for those elements of the offer that are essential for each customer individually
  • Demonstrating that the price is not the only argument and one should always look for other variables in negotiations as every client has a different decision profile

Comments from those who played and recommend the game:

After the game I understood that what the client really needs is to concentrate the attention on him/her.


In order to win one has to understand clients’ needs and make rational decisions.

The most important is to find the golden middle between the client satisfaction and the costs to reach it.


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