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Strategic sales

Understanding how the management of client relationship influences sales efficiency

Workshop description

The training is planned around the issues frequently encountered in sales: analysis of customer’s needs, thinking patterns that limit the number of products or services offered, customer’s objections appearing in the sales process. The workshop addresses also the topic of communication with customers (developing statements making it easier for customers to memorize the essential information, communication techniques to deal with various customers’ objections, etc.). Building long-term relationship with the client is also a crucial aspect. The workshop provides also the answer to the question: how to build a long-term relationship with the client based on trust and respect?

Competence trained

    • Analysis of client’s needs and adjusting them to the offer
    • Building relationships with clients
    • Resources management (allocation of resources between departments, investments, clients database)
    • Decision making
    • Acting under pressure (of time, lack of information, limited resources)
    • Acquiring and gathering information, information management
    • Reacting and dealing with failures
    • Strategic thinking 

Addressed to

    • Sales team and junior salesmen

Games and techniques used

Opinions from participants

During the summary of the workshop, participants were asked about its the most significant value  and they showed the following areas:

  • Acquiring and structuring knowledge
  • Dealing with one’s own limitations – ‘don’t judge the client by your own yard-stick’
  • Raising self-confidence in the context of talks with clients
  • Learning how to deal with clients’ objections
  • Diagnosing one’s own attitude to sales
  • Changing one’s own attitude –‘it doesn’t have to be as difficult’
  • Exchange of experience with others
  • Realizing how important it is to get prepared for the meeting with a client
  • Looking for various solutions that can be helpful in sales  



Chosen companies that have benefited from the specialist training on strategic sales