Beer Game

A simulation about the optimization of processes within the organization. Classic among international training games.
It is a simulation of orders and products flow between the brewery, the distributor, the wholesaler and the retailer. Having limited access to information participants usually fall in the trap: with consecutive rounds the chain becomes more and more unstable and the effect of panic ensues. Everyone believes that the other chains are responsible for the destabilization.
The game is based on the metaphor of beer cases supply chain. It demonstrates how the lack of communication, cooperation and information flow affect the organization efficiency. It raises the awareness on the importance of each of the elements in the smooth running of the organization. The game also shows consequences of decisions made: how decisions taken within one chain may destabilize the whole chain.


Systemic thinking,

Common goals,

Overcoming silo issues,

Coordination of activities of the supply chain,

Communication in change management,

Seeing the ‘big picture’,

Process optimization,

Raising the awareness about processes in every department,

Cooperation within the team and between teams.

Recommended for

Development programs for managers and specialists

Talent development programs

Integration and educational meeting


Duration: 2-3 hours (+ workshop)

Number of players: 4+

Benefits for the organization

Understanding main challenges related to the supply chain (especially the mechanism and consequences of the ‘bullwhip effect’),

Developing systemic thinking, seeing the interrelations between activities in different areas, perceiving the organization and its environment as a system of communicating vessels,

Understanding the role of communication, cooperation and information flow in the supply chain.

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