Together with the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to the workshop “Leader in change” – a practical and interactive training for people who implement changes in organizations which require people’s engagement in action in a new way and getting rid of old habits.

The meeting will take place on September 23rd 2016 at the CCIFP headquarters, located at the address Widok 8 in Warsaw.

It is meant for HR departments: directors, managers, training specialists, and development departments.

During the training participants will analyze organizational changes on three levels – personal, team, and organizational. The training’s goal is to ease a leader’s exit from change successfully on all three levels, through training the ability to exert positive influence on themselves and their surroundings during changes.
The training is based on two models:

  1. Daniel Goleman’s model of three kinds of focus for a leader,
  2. Russell and Russell’s model of a leader’s action towards their team in change on different stages of change.

Workshop topics: lider

  • A leader’s self-awareness in change: change as stress, variety of reactions to stress, phases of going through change on the change curve, sources of resilience, analysis of individual needs during change
  • A leader’s actions in leading the team through organizational change dependent on diagnosis of the situation in the team on the basis of Russell and Russell’s model: forming the needs of a change, implementing change, monitoring effects, preservation and stabilization of changes,
  • Examples of challenges and solutions by leaders during changes in different business organizations (case study)

Effects for participants:

  • Understanding one’s role during change and its implementation
  • Awareness of one’s management style in a team during change
  • Readiness to engage others in a change
  • Recognizing possible reactions to change, predicting them, and readiness to manage them
  • Tools to take advantage of during a change, in order to effectively engage oneself and others in the organization to changes

Methods and tools:

  • Games and training games as an experience of reactions during a change
  • Resolving case studies – leaders’ actions in change situations in other organizations (real case studies)
  • Work in movement, projection – recalling changes in a team in the so called journey wheel through change
  • Online survey before the training
  • Participant journals containing the knowledge discussed, exercises and tools for practical use in work after the training as well as places to note personal reflections
  • “Tool chest,” a collection of tools individually chosen by the participants from tools available at the training Leader in change, for practical application after the training

Task before the workshop:

Participants fill out a short survey on the topic of which competences and actions their leaders especially need during changes as well as on the topic of which leadership competences during changes they personally would like to develop.


www.WhiteSmokeStudio.comJagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka

Jagoda specializes in using simulation games in processes of building new teams, improving communication, implementing cooperation rules based on trust and goal-oriented. She has delivered lectures on the games method at Warsaw University, Leon Kozminski Academy. She is passionate about the quality of organizational cooperation in public life. She participates in the creation of programmes for public administration and education industry. Since 2010 has been board member of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA).

Joanna Średnicka

An expert in the field of game design and organizations analysis. Sociology graduate. Managing Partner and co-founder of Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych. Researcher organizational culture, its processes and operating models. She specializes in the analysis of changes and HR processes taking place in companies. She has completed over 1000 hours of intervention and development programs based on games and simulations. She is a member and certified designer NASAGA (North American Simulation and Gaming Association). As a lecturer she works with the School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Collegium Civitas, Technology University Delft (Netherlands). Expert at international conferences on game design for business.




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