Stress management

Take a breath!

odetchnij pracownia gier

Relieve your stress, understand your emotions, calm your thoughts and build your mental immunity – for everyone productivity is directly related to mental, physical and emotional condition.

Is it possible to stop, reduce or even eliminate the feeling of stress and tension? Is it possible to make use of the energy spent on stress management and redirect it to be more motivated, calm or even to increase our creativity and efficiency?

Yes, it is possible! All you have to do is learn how to do it and practice it because as in the case of any other skill this ability can be developed. During the workshop participants will first identify the style in which they react to stressful situations and then work out their own method of dealing with difficult emotions.

The workshop Take a breath! will help you:

Acquire basic knowledge related to how reactions to stress occur in the human body

Identify your individual style of dealing with difficult situations

Acquire techniques to manage stress and develop the skill of relieving it

Develop your own techniques to cope with stress and how to support each other within your team

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For whom?

The ability to start the day in a calm and conscious manner and end it with the feeling of having managed the time efficiently is sought by many people. Its importance and usefulness are particularly appreciated in situations of sudden change, unfavorable exterior conditions and tensions between people and within teams.

That is why we especially recommend the workshop Take a breath! to:

All those who wish to be more operative, productive without unnecessary tension

Teams wishing to support each other in difficult situations

We work using the following applications/software: Teams, Zoom, skype (depending on the technical options available to participants and organization).

The workshop consists of 5 modules

Course of the workshop

I . Pre–work:

Duration: 30 minutes

Participants receive a few tasks to complete and familiarize them with the topic of stress

II. On-line meeting:

Duration: 1,5 h.

During an on-line workshop participants take part in a short activity demonstrating various reactions to the same situation. It enables them to identify their own style, which will be the starting point to further work. Then they receive, in a nutshell, basic information on how  human beings behave in stressful situations and basic methods and techniques to deal ad-hoc with stressful situations.

Results of the meeting: identifying one’s own and team stressful situations, acquiring and practicing several methods of dealing with emotions in difficult moments, creating a list of good practices, which will help participants see different perspectives and get inspired with others’ ideas.

III. Pre-work before the second meeting:

Participants receive a link to  materials that will help them build their mental immunity in everyday as well as exceptional situations.

IV. On-line meeting: workshop

Duration: 1,5 h.

During the second meeting participants will acquire basic rules how to build their mental resistance. We will tackle the following topics: relationships and taking care of one’s own needs, building the appropriate approach to our environment and occurring events, the way of taking advantage of being part of a team. Participants will brainstorm ideas on supporting each other and using one’s strengths within the team.

Participants end the workshop with an ‚Anti-stress Toolbox’ – a set of techniques to deal with stress that will help them cope with their routines more smoothly.

IV. Post-work

The aim of the post-work is to engage selected participants and the whole team to implement the solutions they have worked in their everyday routine.

V. Follow–up online

Duration: up to 1,5 h

During this session participants will share their experience and insights on the manner they have implemented some of the methods to deal with stress. They will have the opportunity to ask questions, decide on further steps that will make their life easier.

Want to learn more?

If you want to find out more about workshops based on games and simulations and see how you can use them in your organization, please contact us at +48 22 468 85 52.