Strengths Based Leadership


Developing strengths leads to the improvement of individual and team productivity – this management concept has been developed and popularized by Gallup. According to the Gallup Institute people can be 6 times more productive at work if they learn how to make use of their talents instead of concentrating on fixing the weaknesses (the study was carried out on 20 thousand managers from all over the world in 20 years).

For whom?
  • For managers who want to improve individual and team productivity by developing existing talents
  • For project coordinators

Strengths-based leadership’ is a concept addressed to leaders and based on the long-term research conducted by Gallup Institute on leaders and their teams. It states that:

THE LEADER INDIVIDUALLY: knows what he/she is good and bad at. This knowledge is required to optimize all the activities without wasting time on tasks that others would do better. The leader is surrounded by people who complement his/her deficiencies and that’s why he/she can concentrate on what he/she naturally can do best. The leader doesn’t strive to excel in everything and doesn’t imitate others.

THE LEADER AS A MANAGER: the best leaders maximize the potential of their team – they build the team basing on the strengths of its members who are different and complementary. They are able to perceive these strengths and plan the work of the team so that these talents are appropriately used.

  • For the participant: raising the awareness: what a leader I am, which talents influence the way I manage people, how I behave, how I act, how I interact with people and how I can be perceived by them.
  • For the team of leaders:  a map of the managers’ team talents and their needs; integration and better understanding of each other’s talents, readiness to make use of our talents and build strong partnerships within the organization to complement our strengths.

``Strengths Based Leadership`` Workshops for a team of leaders/managers - details:

  • 3 meetings x 120 minutes
  • Groups up to 15 people

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