An on-line development program for sales teams

Strategic Sales Competence Game

Evaluate and develop your sales team’s skills in a strategic on-line game followed by an engaging on-line workshop. 

The majority of sales managers know what the strengths of their sales people are. This knowledge helps them achieve outstanding results. Our development program allows to evaluate, in a very accurate and reliable manner, sales competences of the team and develop them further in order to attain mastery.

Conduct an evaluation of your sales people’s competences. Verify what they need to attain better results.

Competence Game International invites you to take part in an on-line development program addressed to sales teams. The program is based on the experience (not theory) and designed for teams and their leaders who want to measure and develop their sales skills.

Archipelago Competence Game became finalist inBEX International Business Learning Games Awards granted byBusiness Excellence Institute

What the program offers:

To sales leaders/managers: to discover / evaluate accurately the potential of their sales people and develop their key competences in sales (report, action plan, mentoring sessions) in a time-effective process.

To HR business partners: the possibility to optimize organization costs (in comparison to traditional AC/DC), to map sales team competences and adopt a systematic approach to their development within the organization.

To participants: to uncover and develop their skills in an engaging way (on-line strategic sales game with a report).

All that thanks to the fact that

  • The evaluation is entirely based on experience and behaviors in the game (and not declarations and theory)
  •  Progress is measurable after 3 quarters
  • The on-line formula  allows to hold the workshop in a most convenient place and time, which considerably saves the costs related to transport and accommodation as well as TIME.

For whom?

For sales team in every industry

For teams responsible for business development

For any team wishing to develop their skills in one of the following areas:

  • Planning sales activities basing on goals
  • Persevering in attaining goals
  • Adopting the short and long-term perspective on goals
  • Market research and analysis
  • Inquiring and exploring clients’ needs
  • Taking responsibility for clients’ satisfaction

Technical details

Strategic Sales Competence Game program can be conducted both in Polish and English. We use Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business applications and the Competence Game platform. We can also adjust to software requirements of your organization.

Mercedes Polska as an example of our implementation

  1. 50 employees took part in the evaluation and received a report,
  2. The manager along with HR selected the key competences they considered indispensable in the organization to be efficient,
  3. CG experts created a benchmark – they analyzed COMPETENCE GAME reports of participants who achieved the best results in the team. Basing on this they established an average recommended level of given competences that an employee at this position should have,
  4. Managers use this benchmark in sales staff development processes and as a guideline in recruitment processes.

Course of the on-line Competence Game Program

Competence evaluation and report for your sales team (2,5 hour on-line)

A proven measurement tool – Archipelago Competence Game generates a report, both individual for each team member and for the whole team, on the competences of your sales people basing on their decisions and choices during the sales game.

Workshop with the team (2x2 hours on-line)

What are we going to improve in order to become more efficient in sales? An action plan for 2 quarters in 3 areas:

  • Goal-orientation
  • Focus on clients and market
  • Strategic thinking

Individual session of the mentor with the sales team leader

The meeting is held once in a quarter and is structured around the following topics:

  • report analysis and recommendations (first session),
  • how to manage and motivate the team to improve their results,
  • checking and correcting the Action Plan established during the workshop,
  • monitoring the development of competences that was planned.

Follow-up after 3 quarters

Taking the evaluation again and checking with the new report what has changed.

Have worked with us and recommend it

The development of our product requires from the whole team a good level of skills such as client-orientation and customer service. That is why I made the decision to implement Competence Game in my team. The reports showed my team’s strengths and areas to be developed. Thanks to Competence Game I can establish a development path for each team member and I also am aware what new employees I should hire to improve the productivity of our sales.
Jan Wojciak
Sales Director at KKS Lech Poznań
With Competence Game I provided my people and myself with great fun. On the other hand, I evaluated my business skills. After the game I received a report which showed my strengths and areas to be developed. I recommend Competence Game if you want to identify your competences and develop the business you are in charge of.
Bartosz Burek

Want to learn more?

If you want to find out more about workshops based on games and simulations and see how you can use them in your organization, please contact us at +48 22 468 85 52.