Online training programs with use of interactive games

Online Trainings

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Evaluate and develop your sales team’s skills in a strategic on-line game followed by an engaging on-line workshop.

Conduct an evaluation of your sales people’s competences. Verify what they need to attain better results.

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Operation Strike Fighter is a simulation that enables to experience the challenges of communication, collaboration as well as conflict resolution and reconciling the interests of various parties.

It is a metaphor of life within an organization where different teams, departments and people have to learn how to communicate and achieve a common goal.

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You will learn good practices related to telework. You will establish your own rules that will help you collaborate effectively within remote teams. Do it in an engaging and interactive form of an on-line workshop based on the games method.

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Relieve your stress, understand your emotions, calm your thoughts and build your mental immunity – for everyone productivity is directly related to mental, physical and emotional condition.

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The B2B sales have been based mainly on personal contacts with clients. The meetings usually involve several people on both sides.

While switching to on-line activities, which includes meetings with clients, good preparation of the meeting, ingenious use of multimedia materials and time management have gained more importance.

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The isolation in the current conditions of telework and uncertainty related to the economic crisis have impact on the atmosphere and relationships within the team as well as on its productivity. The main task of a leader is, in this situation, to take care of a) all the requirements related to telework, b) the team’s morale in the psychological aspect.

These two aspects are addressed in our program as we equip leaders with tools enabling them to adjust their actions and communication with the team to the current situation.

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Agile has entered the business reality for good. It involves not only IT teams but all the possible structures. It is important to adjust one’s own approach in order to support goal achievement and limit uncertainties in the changing environment.