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Integration and training meetings

How do you make company meetings more stimulating?
How do you engage participants in organizational goals? How are relationships strengthened?
How do you discuss change in interesting and compelling ways? How do you build cooperation in an atmosphere of trust?

Game applications:

  • An element of a training program
  • Quick teamwork intervention
  • Business meetings
  • Project launch phase
  • Highlight a meeting topic
  • One-off company event

Games and simulations help to build teams and increase employee motivation and engagement in the realization of company goals

Our games are ideal for both large and small team meetings. Games and simulations serve as metaphors of real-life work situations. Participants must face challenges related to communication and cooperation, making difficult decisions and finding new and innovative solutions to problems. It all takes places within an atmosphere of good fun, healthy competition and desire to win. We debrief on participants’ experiences from the game and apply what they have learned to their real-life professional contexts.
Integration and motivation meetings are routinely conducted during informal and off-site company meetings. They work well as part of a project launch or as an engaging addition to a conference. They help build team cohesion and improve understanding, motivation and engagement in the achievement of company goals.

Why use games?

  • They increase the attractiveness of a company meeting
  • They improve relationships within a team and build effective cooperation
  • They encourage the achievement of common goals
  • They promote the development of new and lateral solutions
  • Conclusions from the game are transferred to the real-world work environment
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For leaders and their teams to communicate strategic challenges and introduce change in the organization

Replace boring PowerPoint presentations and bring your subject and content to life with interactive meetings using games and simulations. Set challenges for team members to tackle whilst you as team leader are free to use new and innovative presentation methods with the help of actors, journalists and brand coaches. We design the meeting scenario, the setting and put all the elements in place to fully immerse participants in the experience.
This game can also be used as part of a project launch event, company restructuring or any other training and development scenario.

Why use games?

  • Games can transform a boring meeting into interactive business play
  • Employees can try out new behaviors for themselves instead of sitting through lectures
  • Games help employees to better understand the message and accept change
  • Games motivate your team members to act and engage others in the change process
  • Games help in simplifying and shortening the communication process
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