In the TRIP game players take the roles of project teams whose goal is to plan a round the world trip. The task is not easy as the client has high expectations, while the budget and time to execute the project are fairly limited.

The workshop with TRIP consists of 2 plays:

During the first play participants face difficulties that can be met on the way to a successful outcome of a project and learn how to efficiently collaborate within a team,

During the second play they take advantage of the experience they have gained and therefore their work proceeds more smoothly and in a more structured way.

Tasks that players have to face during the game are various – they have been planned so that each participant could choose the role he/she feels most comfortable with and in line with his/her capacities.


Duration: 4 hours (with debriefing)

Number of players: 15-100 people


To raise the awareness about the team work culture in the organization

To support the process aiming at unify project management rules in the organization

PTo prepare members of a project team before they start working in a strategic project

Element of training addressed to leaders and project team members in the organization

Training being part of a development program addressed to managers

A valuable part on the agenda of a management team away day

Benefits for the organization

Getting to know various roles that we have to take in project teams (sponsor, leader, team member)

Debunking a myth about the team leader who is supposed to be the person who manages everything single-handedly

Understanding the significance of good collaboration and communication within a project team

Learning in action how helpful good planning is

Observing simple practices that might help to improve team productivity

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