Collectors - high-stakes competition!

The new online game, recently added to the portfolio of Pracownia Gier, can be an entertaining and dynamic proposition with high potential to integrate participants. Accompanied with appropriate debriefing and analysis it can bring valuable insight to contact management with clients addressed to sales teams and teach how to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

Who are the collectors? They hunt for valuable and unique artefacts: antiques, works of art, documents. Applied art objects, i.e. everyday use objects, ceramics, furniture are becoming more and more popular. Our collector, or more precisely a group of collectors, operate on the request of an important auction house. Their task is to explore, throughout Europe, antique shops, flea markets and any possible places in hunt for treasures. This time they are at the airport of a European capital city and are attending an auction of luggage left by passengers. They have been informed by somebody working at the airport that suitcases put up for auction might include, among worthless contents, some antique jewellery, a few interesting works of art and souvenirs of Hollywood stars that are very sought-after in the antique market. Representatives of several different auction houses are interested in the airport sale so there is competition in the air. It’s going to be an exciting day!​

What’s more, the  airport informer will indicate before each auction the colour of suitcases that are worth paying attention to. Players must decide which risk to take to invest their employer’s money. He certainly won’t be happy if they spend his money on dirty underwear. The winner is the team of collectors with the most valuable artefacts.

Participants train:

to make decisions under time pressure (individually and in teams)

to collaborate within a team

to plan in a changing and uncertain situation

to be flexible

Recommended for teams that:

function a changing environment,

strive to maximize their profits and wish to analyse the strategy
in the context of their approach to resources/clients/suppliers,

want to get to know each other better in action.

Collectors played online

Duration: 1,5 h
Number of players: 20-100
Software: Zoom and Mentimeter

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