The Temple of Sun

An earthquake in Mexico has uncovered an unknown Aztec temple! A group of archaeologists immediately set off on an expedition to explore this exceptional edifice. You take part in this scientific expedition and will be the first people to set foot in this temple in hundreds of years!

It all seems very exciting – you are well prepared and know how to proceed as such explorations are your  daily bread. Unfortunately, the routine misleads you and you fall into a trap. In order to protect the treasures of the temple its constructors created a mechanism that locked you up in the ritual room forged inside a cave!

In order to get out of the trap you must discover the code that can be found in the pattern of a priest’s coat.

Each expedition member enters a separate corridor – on the walls you will find elements of the pattern. You must recreate the whole pattern but cannot show its parts to each other but give a description of what you see. You have only one attempt to recreate the whole pattern. If you fail, you will be locked inside the Temple of Sun forever!

From the beginning of the expedition you have had the feeling of being watched. Indeed the spirit of the priest is observing you. If you manage to win him over, he might give you a clue and help solve the problem.

What participants experience during the game

Challenges of information management

The need to establish an efficient communication

Looking for solutions in a situation of uncertainty

Out of the box thinking

Efficient collaboration

Taking responsibility for the accomplishment of the team goal and the final result

Acting under time pressure in uncertain conditions

Role management n the chaos of information


Duration: 40 – 60 minutes

Number of participants: from 5 up to 70 people

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