The New Commons Game

Łowisko Online

Łowisko Online

Simulation about building a team, establishing collaboration rules and achieving a common goal.

Participants take part in a decision-making game whose mechanics had been is the study carried out by Elinor Ostrom, a Nobel-prize winner in economics in 2009. They make decisions, as in real life, basing on limited data and information. They experience standard challenges of collaboration described in by economics and social studies experts. Additionally, they learn how to deal with them by adopting a strategy requiring them to collaborate. Will they manage to overcome the difficulties and challenges? How will they get organized? Will they opt for quick results or long-term activities? Will they build a team based on trust and reciprocity or rather control and pressure? Or maybe a combination of both? It will all take place in the scenery of fishing grounds and fishing industry in the western Ireland.

The New Commons Game –  is a metaphor of an organization and achieving a common strategy by teams of different interests and understanding of the goal. Managing fishing in Ireland is an excellent chance to experience cooperation with its challenges in an interactive manner.

Watch a footage from the game played in the standard version


For teams:

As a workshop to establish collaboration and communication rules within the team – how we want to achieve common goals (how much trust and control, how we want to communicate and what is our ultimate goal),

To increase motivation and performance without losing individual and group satisfaction.

For leaders/board members​:

As an element of a strategic workshop addressed to Board members: establishing goals and collaboration strategy within the Board and the whole organization,

To implement changes and present organization new development paths to the team,

To develop leadership competences and skills in processes of change, conflict situations and decrease of team motivation and productivity.

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Participants work together to find answers to the questions:

What does it mean to build within the team relationships based on trust and awareness of common goals?

What efficient communication is and how to use it to achieve established team goals?

How to manage the relation common and individual goal? How to avoid that they become contradictory

What are the consequences of adopting short and long-term perspective in thinking?

Factors that favor the team success: how to overcome social traps?

Common goods in the context of a team – how to manage them?


Communication in the game is limited. Special and costly tools are required to communicate with others


Decisions made in the game are confidential: no one knows what decision other participants have made. It makes building trust a real challenge but without it the team is incapable of attaining the goal. So the question is: how much trust and how much control is needed.

The game played online

Duration: 3h (2×90 minutes)
Number of players: 6+
Software: Zoom lub Microsoft Teams

The facilitator introduces the rules and then the game begins – participants must choose individually the strategy they want to adopt.

Decisions are conveyed via a different application which delivers information about the consequences of one’s decision.

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