Quiz Challenge

Quiz Challenge Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych Mentimeter

Quiz Challenge is a series of 4 online quizzes conducted weekly. It’s a streaming solution using addidionally a system for interactions with large groups. It helps engage all the particiants at the same time

The quiz is conducted by a trainer experienced with large audiences who will provide a dynamic and engaging experience for all the participants. They will simultaneously see the quiz screen with their results and the trainer moderating the meeting.

The task in the quiz consists in answering questions using smartphones. Participants score points for both the accuracy and rapidity of their answers.

There is also a group version of the quiz in which participants discuss in teams their answers.

The quiz can be organized around a given topic such as the company/team or other areas, for example Guinness world records, Poland in numbers, etc.

There is a winner after each stage and at the end of the whole series..

Benefits for the organization

Integration of the group,

Broadening knowledge about the organization (or any other topic of importance for participants),

Good entertainment.

Quiz Challenge can also be used as an unusual form of interactive review of a week or project.

Quiz Challenge Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych Mentimeter
Quiz Challenge Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych Mentimeter

The activity conducted online

Duration: 4 x 30 minutes
Number of participants: 20+
Software: Zoom, Mentimeter, Facebook Stream, Microsoft Stream

The activity is an interactive quiz. Participants use Mentimeter application and are connected with the group and trainer via ZOOM

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