Game description

Dispersed information, incomplete knowlegde about the solution, organizational chaos make this simple activity apparently unsolvable at the beginning.

Participants’ task in Patterns is to establish a code which results from a pattern they have to assemble first. All the elements to assemble it are dispersed among participants.

Each participant receives a number of cards with a unique pattern. Each element fits into a specific place on the board. There is only one way in which the pattern can be assembled correctly. Participants cannot show or exchange their cards – they must rely only on verbal communication to find the solution.

Patterns Pracownia Gier Plansza
Patterns Online

Participants train:

manage information,

how to communicate efficiently,

how to find solutions in a situation of uncertainty,

how to get out-of-the-box,

how to collaborate efficiently​,

how to take responsibility for the achievement of common goal and the final result​,

how to act under time pressure and in a situation of uncertainty ​,

how to manage roles in a situation of communication chaos​.

The game conducted online

Each participant receives virtually a card that no one else can see.

On a shared screen all participants see a common board on which they have to place their cards and create a given pattern.

At the end the team conveys to the trainer the code that determines the correct match of the cards with numbered squares on the board.

Duration: 1h

Number of participants: 5 – 50

Software: Zoom

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