Operation Strike Fighter Online

Strike Fighter Online

Operation Strike Fighter is a simulation that enables to experience the challenges of communication, collaboration as well as conflict resolution and reconciling the interests of various parties.  

It is a metaphor of life within an organization where different teams, departments and people have to learn how to communicate and achieve a common goal.

The game was inspired by a negotiation case within the US Army in the 90-ies.  The need to replace the obsolete fleet of jetfighters and budget limitations forced the command to start off a government program called Joint Strike Fighter. The program was to lead to the creation of an ultra-modern jetfighter model to be used by all the army. American commanders had to reconcile the interests which were apparently impossible to accord as the chosen plane had to meet the needs of all the forces.

Watch a footage from the game played in the standard version

Strike Fighter Online

Goal of the game

The players’ goal in the game is to choose one plane from proposed models, but also to ensure that the model meets their requirements and standards. However, each team has different interests, and they fight for points.

Which strategy will prove most efficient?

Who will score the most points?

Benefits for participants

Strike Fighter is a training of negotiations, difficult conversations and search for agreement in the team. Participants experience what a negotiation process is like and train such competences as collaboration, communication and establishment of goals.

The game played online

Participants are connected via Zoom and divided into several teams working separately in virtual break-out rooms. They meet with others for negotiations and to debrief the game.

Participants use also materials they receive during the game.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Number of participants: 9-12 people.

Strike Fighter Online

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