In Archipelago Competence Game you send the players to a virtual world where they have to take up roles which will enable you to verify their competencies. Archipelago is organized around a plot and the player becomes a real estate agent. His/her aim is to rent luxurious residences on islands he/she takes care of. Clients are very demanding. They represent different nationalities, professions, are of different marital status, gender and social status. They have their own preferences and hobbies. What generally distinguishes them is the lack of time and patience. They have preferences regarding the communication form (e-mail, phone or face to face conversation), they often don’t know what they really want and sometimes declare one thing but subconsciously would prefer something else. The residences are of various sizes and can be located on beaches, in cities or oases.

The estate agent has access to various tools which are meant to facilitate his/her work and improve his/her efficacy in terms of contracts signed, such as market research, marketing campaigns, PR activities, tools to establish relationships with clients or monitor their satisfaction. This is what participants can expect from their competence evaluation game – Archipelago Competence Game. 

Benefits for the organization

  • First on-line tool to measure behaviours and not declarations
  • It provides measured and hard data within the field of soft skills
  • It supports HR Business Partners – it provides reliable and accurate data very quickly
  • It helps create the employer’s brand – Archipelago Competence Game is an attractive recruitment process with diagnosis and training
  • It conquers managers’ heart as it represents genuine business challenges
  • It measures competences sought in business
  • It helps to determine the profile of the optimal candidate
  • It provides a diagnosis for the whole team
  • The game is a language that Millennials speak


  • Recruitment of candidates for specialist positions
  • Training and internship programs
  • Development processes and reliable data
  • An alternative for expensive AC DC
  • Benchmarks in sales teams


Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: from 1 to ∞

Results from Competence can be useful in real life – employees become more self-conscious and can explore thier strengths. The competence report makes it easier to build complementary teams. The Y generation is not only used to it, but they also expect to apply such innovative methods as evaluating competences with an on-line game.”

Piotr Barłóg, Team Leader Lech Poznań

Archipelago Competence Game was finalist of theBEX International Business Learning Games Awards competition organized by  Business Excellence Institute

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