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Education for non-business organizations

We develop the teamwork skills of civil servants, teachers and social leaders in public administration and non-governmental organizations. We enhance the quality and efficiency of the systems whose purpose is to deliver social well-being. We enable educators to teach in an attractive and modern manner. We design educational games to promote civic knowledge and citizenship.


  • Training programs to develop team skills
  • For use in public consultations and legislative processes
  • As a learning tool in educational projects
  • As a tool to promote civic knowledge and citizenship


  • An effective method of learning and development
  • Build an attractive and engaging learning process
  • Develop collaboration skills within the organization
  • Engagement and interaction with the learning process
  • A simplified and stimulating way of presenting knowledge
  • Time is saved by integrating and shortening the learning process

Team coordination training

We enhance collaboration between departments, central and regional administrative structures, NGOs and design teams in public administration. We train international teams in English.
Training helps different public bodies develop the ability to set common goals in legislative processes and public consultations. We help build information exchange and make it easier for agreements to be reached.


  • Boosting the effectiveness of actions taken by public administration and local government bodies
  • Training programs for administrative officers
  • Programs on developing management skills for administrative bodies
  • Restructuring and change management processes
  • International cooperation projects
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Recommended game – HEXGame
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Leadership skills training

Participants are able to refine their communication, team leadership and influencing skills. Designed for the leaders of educational, non-governmental and local government organizations, this training boosts both project and environment management skills and reinforces leaders’ ability to build social authority.


  • Leadership skills development programs
  • Social project management
  • Engagement in grassroots initiatives
  • Restructuring and change within an organization
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Recommended game – The New Commons Game
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Team collaboration training

Team effectiveness training in the public, business-affiliated and non-profit sectors. This training promotes collaboration and information exchange, increases the impact of goal- and task-oriented actions and improves relations with internal and external customers.


  • Enhancing business and management effectiveness
  • Expert support for management skills development
  • Customer service programs for institutions’ external customers
  • Facilitating work management within the organization
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Recommended game – Slogan
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Workshop on using games and simulations in education

Our workshop provides practical know-how on the principles of teaching with games, using games as educational tools and designing your own educational games. Participants will gain hands-on experience of a variety of educational and training games. They will learn about using rivalry to stimulate learning as part of a structured method of setting goals, rules and principles. They will experience the role of teacher, trainer and facilitator within the gaming method. Participants will learn about game templates for use in educational settings and will learn how to design games for their own educational processes.


  • Programs on developing methods and tools in education
  • Personal professional growth
  • Support for consulting processes in consulting projects


Game design