A simulation about the value of teamwork
This apparently simple task makes great demands on team-work! The team members are required to work out how to assemble a set of colored metal and rope components to make a structure which is identical to a black and white design pattern that they have received.
There is only one answer to the problem and this has to be established through a process of logic and some trial and error.
Once the assembly is complete, the team must develop and rehearse a strategy for taking the structure to pieces and re-building it accurately against the clock in a tightly controlled 2-minute time-trial. As the pieces cannot be marked or pre-sorted they need to have a well-developed plan for identifying components and using manpower efficiently if they are to succeed.


  • The skill of group resolution of complex problems
  • Efficient time management
  • Identifying and testing different supervision/control and leadership models
  • Integration of different cultures/team for the smooth running of the organization
  • Problem solving
  • Remote cooperation


Duration: 1,5 hour (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 6+

Benefits for the organization

  • Realizing that we all ‘shoot towards the same goal’ and we have influence on the achievement of organizational goals
  • It is an excellent exercise to develop supervision and leadership skills, and to plan time and resources. It is also an interesting outdoor activity as, for example, an exercise to integrate the group
  • Teambuilding

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