Time Machine

In the Time Machine workshop participants are invited to travel to the future. Will they meet at a New Year party? Or maybe a desert island? You decide about the time and place.
Before they step in the Time Machine participants need a simple and clear picture of current conditions and circumstances. In the second phase they are projected in the ideal future. Bold thinking enables them to create a concrete vision of success. The following step is to look back to the past from the vantage point of future success in bold spirit and to avoid limiting beliefs. The Time Machine ends when participants are asked to converse the vision and strategy to an executable tactical plan. It is all about action, action and more action!


Duration: 3 – 4 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 3+

Benefits for the organization

  • Unites team members towards a common corporate vision and strategy
  • Helps to define new strategic direction in change
  • Team members build future together
  • Helps sidestep limiting beliefs and attitudes about what is and isn’t possible
  • Increased creativity


  • Creating business vision beyond standard patterns
  • Planning strategic activities
  • Looking for new solutions and possibilities
  • Establishing action plan on a timeline
  • Integrating team leaders towards the vision and objectives in their operational activities

Want to learn more?

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