The Volcano

The Volcano is an engaging training game in which TRUST is the key of the story.

How can it be built?

  • How can it be destroyed?
  • Is trust a factor guaranteeing success?
  • Is there a relation between trust and team performance?

Players are divided into two teams (Shipwrecked and Local) that have to deal with different challenges, requiring them to make quick and accurate decisions. From the outset, decisions have an impact on subsequent stages of the game.

In the game participants face the dilemma: to trust and to cooperate or not to trust and to compete. They must decide if the other party is trustworthy.

Recommended for

Trainings on communication and cooperation


Personal development workshops

The Volcano game refers to the concept of the “emotional bank account” described in the bestseller by Stephen C. Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Efficient People. It shows that neither the market nor a team is efficient unless it is based on trust. Trust, like capital, can be multiplied or wasted. The Volcano warns how to avoid the spiral of distrust and helps understand what actions can benefit in raised level of trust.


Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)

Number of players: 6+

Benefits for the organization

Defining the causes of communication problems,

Building a culture of cooperation, trust and belonging,

Building awareness of the relationship between trust and team performance.

wulkan pracownia

Participants opinion

It was brilliant, wonderful! (…) I came reluctantly, I leave happy. It was totally new, interesting experience.

Instructor, Polish Scouting Association

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