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Meeting Planner Power Awards is the first competition dedicated to the event industry and finding the best applications and practices in all of its sectors. The competition’s aim is to compare the best events and projects connected to event marketing, showing places with particular event potential, as well as comparing branch personalities and experts.

MP Power Awards, through comparing the best projects and demonstrating their effects, has the task of promoting professionalism of the event industry and also building awareness of the value of tools in its field. The long-term goal of the competition is likewise to raise the standard of work and project realization at every stage of its inception as well as cooperation between engaged subjects. The MP Power Awards organizer’s idea is also the integration of the industry as well as building a communication platform among the sectors making it.

Awards given out in the categories: MP Power Awards make up: MP Power Project, MP Power Venue, MP Power 12 and MP Power Product. The accompanying competition to the MP Power Awards is the Creative Year of the Event Industry.

MP Power Product is a new thing in the MP Power Awards competition. For this part of the competition things can be entered such as products, attractions, and services, which can become a part of the event program and the opinion of applicants has significant influence to make it attractive. The competition’s jury will look for interesting and original propositions whose potential can in a meaningul way spicen up the event program and be memorable for its participants.

We are very glad that our game The Tree of Life won in this category and ended up being the best event product recognized by the MICE industry. We are especially happy from the fact that the group of people making up the competitions jury were leaders of the industry’s meetings, conferences, and events.

Thanks for this award, and to the remaining award-winners we also congratulate you!