The Tree of Life

The epic story about the beginning of the world in which everyone determines pace of the upcoming changes.

The Tree of Life is a simulation game about Change, Diversity and Partnership. It was designed to foster positive change among employees and teams in many different organisations. It can serve as an innovative way of communicating company’s mission and values, especially if they need to be presented in practical context.

One of the distinguishing feature of this game is that it is dedicated for larger groups of 120+ players. All participants can simultanously play together, communicate, trade, collaborate and learn how to achieve certain goals in a constantly changing enivronment.

The story behind the game is the one about Evolution: player start as a simple organism called LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor), which lives in one of the many ecosystems. Organisms within the ecosystem should cooperate in order to sustain it and survive. To do that they need to change constantly and plan their strategy in very dynamic environment. Ecosystems compete with one another, but they can also cooperate to acquire some scarce resources and evolve into required organisms.

The Tree of Life provides an extremely dynamic experience. During the game you will find lots of challenges and unexpected twists. In this game You can expect hundreds or even thousands of interactions between players! It is the perfect choice for large events and powerful integration meetings.

Since it’s launch in October 2015 the game was already played by over few thousand players in many different organisations and across various industries.


Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Number of players:  from 120 even up to 1000 people!
Logistic requirements: event lights, soundsystem, projector and screens, room at least 2,5m2/person

Benefits for organization

Game The Tree of Life:

  • builds a positive and dynamic atmosphere
  • shows the benefits posed by changes
  • creates involvement around the planned changes
  • indicates the value of cooperation in various teams

Opinions about the game

Watch the interview with Marcin Pilarski (Managing Director Payback Polska) and learn how he perceives corporate events and why he beleives intraining games.


True integration and full cooperation!
A very dynamic experience and great commitment.

Want to learn more?

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