The Best-seller Game

The Best-seller Game is an strategic and exciting simulation in which participants plan a B2B sales strategy – what to offer to whom, and how. They explore customers’ needs, build products portfolios, develop their knowledge of the products offered, contact clients to build relationships and strike a deal. This experience combines a strategic business simulation with an exciting competition to win the client over.

Best-seller addresses the challenges of sales teams such as routine, lack of time to devote on strategic insight and planning of activities or challenges of people involved in the organization of trainings and conferences in organizations (HR departments): lack of ideas for interesting and interactive development and integration solutions.

Benefits for the organization

  • Increased motivation for conscious and strategic planning of sale
  • Understanding the importance of sales activities from the perspective of the entire organization
  • Team’s self-reflection on sales activities and discussion aimed at reaching a common understanding of sales
  • Modern salesperson’s awareness: I take responsibility not only for the achievement of an ambitious result, but also consciously plan actions to attain this result
  • Building team spirit within the team – good fun, excitement and competing for the best result


  • to enliven company sales conferences (for groups of various sizes)
  • quarterly meeting of sales and sales support teams
  • integration meetings of sales and marketing departments and other cooperating departments
  • small sales workshops
  • induction of new sales team members (sales boot camp)
  • every opportunity aimed at reflecting on planning sales activities and researching customer needs


Duration: 3-4 hours (with debriefing)
Number of players: 5-40 people

Participants about The Best-seller Game

In business, it is important to understand customers needs, build strong relations and consistently implement your strategy.

The game allows to understand the importance of taking care of the customer relationship and researching the customer needs.

The most important things are planning and strategic thinking.

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