Team Balance

An exercise about task management, individual influence and team productivity
Team Balance is a lively, practical task that may look familiar but is a deceptively difficult team activity to master. The activity requires the manipulation of a series of balls through a labyrinth – the labyrinth is held off the ground by strings held by each player, and the ball is manipulated purely by the forces exerted through each string. The labyrinth has two sides – one more challenging than the other – with a series of start and end points. The basic rule is that the players must hold a toggle in order to maintain the board off the ground at all times during the exercise.

Benefits for the organization

  • It explores many issues of working in operational teams to deliver high quality task results under time pressure
  • It helps identify appropriate types of behaviors, including expected leadership behaviors
  • Participants can explore the effects of risk, competition, targets, and individual behavior on team working


Duration: 1,5 – 3 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 4+


  • Integration of new team members
  • Identifying and rehearsing appropriate types of supervision and leadership
  • Exploring a team’s ability to work together to solve complex problems and increase task efficiency
  • Practicing developing and working towards achievement of high performance standards

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