Festiwal NaukiIt’s a tradition for Pracownia to organize a workshop with the use of a training game. This time we are going to travel to the land of management. What motivates us to work efficiently? What, on the other hand, makes us lose interest and engagement? Is it possible – and if yes how – to create an ideal and fair reward system for employees?

The workshop starts with a game in which players take the role of top managers in an African safari park. The aim of the team is to manage the park and assure a long-term development. One team represents the board and is responsible for strategic decisions, while the other team consists of front-line employees looking after animals and taking care of the clients.

Experience from the game will be an interesting introduction and starting point to discuss various motivation and reward systems. Our debriefing and discussion will be based, among others, on the concept developed by professor Andrzej Blikle and described in his book To Manage Differently.

The workshop will take place on September 22nd at 17:30 at the Skwer cafe (Krakowskie Przedmieście 60a, 00-630 Warszawa).

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