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Value implementation

Defining value in action

Support the implementation of values – placing value on attitudes and behavior

Meeting of 130 managers and leaders


One of the leaders highlighted a fundamental obstacle during a meeting about long-term strategic development: the lack of a clearly defined mission.

The board, after several hours of discussion, realized that it was unable to reach agreement on a set of core values and that this might adversely affect the management of the organization. The board decided that they must define and implement a set of agreed corporate values.


The board recognized the value of developing a company-wide organizational culture. This enabled them to create a unique code, corresponding to both the corporate culture and its own local context.
During the second stage it was imperative to involve up to 300 managers and local leaders to explain the new shared values and how these would translate into concrete attitudes, behaviors and reward systems.
The most time- and cost-effective way of delivering the change requirement was through a full day simulation game workshop, in which the participants came to appreciate the challenges associated with creating and enforcing a set of common standards.
During the simulation, participants experienced the process of building a team: they defined its values and rules of conduct, translated these into specific behaviors, built a system of enforcement and created a system of rewards. They were able to turn the values defined by the board into a set of concrete policies.


As a result of the workshop, participants jointly developed a list of rules and behavioral patterns, which in turn became the starting point for more complex motivational schemes.

Experience from the simulation demonstrated that in order for the values set by a company to drive the actions of employees, they must be translated into specific behaviors and motivational schemes. Employees must clearly know the answers to questions such as what is my responsibility and what behaviors does the company seek to reward and what behaviors does it punish? Only when employees fully grasp the answers to these questions will corporate values really influence employee behavior.

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