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ProfitQuest – business orientation and strategic thinking

The ability to strategic planning

Training description

“ProfitQuest – business orientation and strategic thinking” is a 2-days training in company management skills in business, market and financial aspects.

Competence trained

  • Business orientation
  • Strategic thinking
  • System thinking
  • Cooperation, communication within and between departments
  • Understanding basic financial statements
  • The ability to assess the company’s effectiveness from the shareholders’ point of viewy

For who in the organization?

  • For middle management, to increase the efficiency of business operations in every segment of the organization
  • For directors and sales managers to expand the perspective of thinking beyond the concept of income
  • For business partners, to increase the effects of business cooperationy
  • For talent groups- specialists for whom a managerial career path is planned

Used games and techniques

  • Game ProfitQuest
  • Between rounds are issues in the field of thinking and strategic management

Subjective opinion: what distinguishes this training from others on the market?

It really is a training- the repeatability of the rounds gives participants the opportunity to reflect on the experience (what I do in the game and what is the outcome), and thanks to this – development of  ompetence.

(Agnieszka Wrona, business trainer, psychologist and HR process management coordinator)

Opinions of the participants

Difficult, long instructions, complicated rules- we start from a zone of discomfort, and even
panic, and end with a sense of understanding of business mechanisms and what to do to achieve
success. This gives people incredible joy, but also a sense of “yes, I can!” and their competence.

Overall, this experience confirmed that I am a far-sighting strategist, I am absolutely not
interested in current small issues that make it difficult to make far-sighted decisions.


strategiczne decyzje

Chosen companies in which we have conducted the workshop "ProfitQuest - business orientation and strategic thinking"

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