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Manager’s Academy

Training description

The development program for managers is a response to the need to build an organization based on the cooperation of efficient teams. An essential element contributing to success is a competent manager who consciously manages people and tasks in a team, and cooperates with other managers sharing knowledge and experience.

Trained competences

During the two-day training conducted by the method of games and simulations, managers train competences in the following areas:

  • recruitment, ​
  • work organization of the team,
  • delegating tasks, monitoring the implementation of objectives,
  • conducting interviews with employees, building a feedback culture,
  • motivating others,
  • implementation of innovations.

Competences are trained on three levels: personal, team and organizational. In order to work effectively with other people in the team, it is necessary to become aware of one’s own functioning and work on improving it.

In the manager’s work, systematic thinking is also necessary- awareness of the mechanisms that rule the organization and the factors supporting and blocking its functioning.

Competences trained in the development program are each time selected on the basis of the client’s needs.

We also offer follow-up monitoring and supporting work with tools learned in the program.

The benefit for the organization is also the exchange of good practices between managers and the
integration of the management team, which promotes inter-departmental cooperation.

For who in the organization?

    • For middle and low-level managers who manage teams on a daily basis. For newly appointed managers
    • For managers who are at the forefront of forming teams- building a team

Examples of used games and techniques

Materials for participants- notebooks for each training with substantive content, exercises ad tools to
be used in working with team.

Gry dostosowane do tematyki warsztatów, np.:

Opinions of the participants

“I especially liked the use of gaming situations for training purposes, which allowed me to assess my
own behavior, weaknesses and what I should work on.

((Opinion from the participant of Akademia managera training for Mercedes-Benz, Sobiesław Zasada)