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Leadership development

Leaders, managers and creating a culture of cooperation

A simulation on the role of trust in leadership

Regional meeting – 80 executives from Central and Eastern Europe – 1 day


Finding a way to discuss the need for cooperation and trust that leads to specific behavior change. This was the challenge facing a large consulting firm operating in a highly competitive environment. Different strategies within the company had led to frequent disruption to inter-team cooperation. There was a real need for team leaders to support cooperation and trust within the company, however, not everyone was aware that success in the market required effective cooperation in the team. This led the HR department to reach for a tool that would provide learning through experience – in this case, a strategy game.


The company decided to implement a series of actions aimed at changing attitudes towards collaboration and providing education in leadership competencies. One of these actions was a strategy game, delivered as part of an annual meeting of partners from across the Central and Eastern European region. The game script, adapted to the customer’s specific needs, was designed so that partners could experience and realize that:

  • the quality of their leadership affects their team’s effectiveness
  • collaboration around a shared and universally understood goal would help to bring better results
  • communication styles influence the degree of motivation to act and achieve results
  • it is important to build confidence if a team is to be effective


Participants were able to translate conclusions acquired from the game to the reality of their firm: what can we do to improve cooperation? Why is it important to build trust? How do we take short-term goals and translate them into strategic actions with long-term effects?


Among the conclusions about the game there were such statements:

“Lack of trust and lack open communication in my team often lead to making bad decisions and needing to approach the same case again.”

“I need to know my team better and agree with them on our strategy. We also need to implement appropriate measures to ensure that the strategy is accepted and implemented.”

“I want to devote more attention to build team spirit.”

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