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Leader in change – efficient implementation of change in the organization

Workshop description

The majority of change are not successful because leaders fail to engage their people into it. Even if the managers have acquired the knowledge about change, they lack awareness and practice in changing habits. In order to manage change consciously and engage people in it, a practical training is needed. It will help them see and understand their own and other people’s reactions to change.

The training consists of 3 modules:

  • Module I (4h) ME – Understanding oneself during change – the aim of this module is mainly to get to know one’s own reactions to change and confront them with the reactions of other participants.
  • Module II (4h) PEOPLE – Understanding the team in change – the aim of this part is to equip leaders with tools which will enable them to adapt solutions, actions and communication in their teams to given stages of the change process. They develop the skill of engaging their people adequately to each phase of change (Russel&Russel model).
  • Module III (1 day) ORGANIZATION – organization change management as a process – the aim of this module is to understand change on the organizational level. Leaders see their challenge of managing a team in change in a broader market and business perspective. They learn how to think innovatively, make risky decisions and have positive impact on the change in the whole organization.

Competence trained

After the workshop leaders:

      • Know and understand what to do and how so that the change ends successfully
      • Adapt a positive attitude to change
      • Are confident about their skills in implementing change and proceed boldly

Adressed to

Both experienced leaders and those who start their experience with management.

Games and techniques used


Participants’ opinions

The workshop helps build self-confidence in implementing further changes and a positive approach to changes.

(participant of a Leader in change workshop, June 2016)


Chosen companies in which we have conducted the workshop ‘Leader in change’