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Integration around change – The Tree of Life

Process description

How to quickly engage all employees in the change that the company is facing? How to ‘set the stage’ for the incoming change – open and willing to collaborate people?

In order to address the above challenges we have created the epic game – The Tree of Life which engages groups of 120 to 1000 participants. In 3-4 hours it tells the story of evolution. During the game each player undergoes several changes within his/her ecosystem. It enables him/her to experience the influence his/her evolution has on other organisms in the ecosystem and has to cooperate in order to contribute to the ecosystem development.

Competence trained

The game enables to experience cooperation in a permanent change and makes perceive the change as a normal part of reality and not an issue. The Tree of Life integrates people, builds confidence, triggers positive energy. The game itself and the debriefing help to reflect on the factors that lead to success in the changing environment. The game strengthens in players the feeling that they can cope with change and that they can count on each other.

Adressed to

All organizations undergoing change or preparing for it.

Games and techniques used

  • A unique and interactive game, developed by Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych – The Tree of Life

Participants’ opinions

A real team integration! Everyone collaborating with everyone at the same time.

(A participant of a kick-off meeting after a merger of companies)

The qualities of the game The Tree of Life have been appreciated by the event organizers – in 2017 the game was awarded in the MP Power Awards competition in the Product category – it was judged the best solution for big events -> learn more.


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Chosen companies in which we have conducted the project of integration around change

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