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“About finance for youth”

In orphanages and foster homes

Robinson na Plusie

Finance and budget management is a complex enough field for many adults. Nevertheless, HSBC Bank and the Robinson Crusoe Foundation decided to make it more understandable and attractive to young people. To do this they created the “Economy Robinson” program, aimed at increasing the financial management knowledge and skills of young people. One of the program’s key elements is the decision-making game, “Robinson na Plusie,” created in collaboration with Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych.

Manuals and workshops accompanying the game touch on the following issues:

  • creating a balance of expenditure and revenue
  • saving
  • mobility in the labor market
  • taking advantage of bank offers
  • insurance and financial investment






Playing in a practical way allows young people to explore these issues and learn and practice how to manage finances and invest in their own development. The simulation takes in different life stages where players must make decisions affecting their long-term financial situation. These include choosing a career path, improving their professional skills, and investing in and playing the stock market. They also have to accommodate the cost of living. The team which achieves the greatest profit and highest level of satisfaction in life wins.


The game “Robinson na Plusie” is played across Poland in cooperation with Centers of Social Welfare and Family Support Centers Poviat. We invited young people to play the game as they were taking their first steps into independent lives as adults. The program is funded by HSBC Bank in the framework of Future First.
More about the „Economy of Robinson” and competition “Robinson na Plusie” (in Polish)