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Creativity and innovativeness – specialist training

Realizing the importance of innovativeness and creativity in building the company competitiveness

Workshop description

By taking part in the workshop participants will learn the benefits resulting from creative approach to solving their problems at work. They will realize how pro-innovative culture builds value of their position. They will learn and have the opportunity to practice creative thinking tools and techniquesa.

Module I: Get out-of-the-box 

Broadening participants’ pool of experience within the area of everyday creativity.

Module II: It’s worth being innovative  

Convincing participants about the value that creativity and innovativeness bring to their work environment. Building pro-innovative approach.

Module III: Creative problem resolution and I 

Building the approach that supports various types of creativity in oneself and others. Learning and practising techniques of creative problem resolution.

Module IV: : Workshop review

Participants conduct their individual review of the workshop and set their own development goals.

Competence trained


  • About the meaning of creativity and innovativeness as a response to business challenges.
  • Related to the application of various creative techniques and tools
  • About the way how to build competitiveness on the basis of pro-innovative culture


  • Out-of-the-box thinking and getting rid of false assumptions
  • Applying creative techniques to solve business issues individually and in groups

Addressed to

    • Employees who need to think creatively in their work
    • Organizations that build innovative culture

Games and techniques used

Subjective opinion: what distinguishes this workshop from others available in the market

Games are a perfect tool to train creative thinking. The player is emerged in a situation out of his/her comfort zone, which makes him/her look for non-standard solutions (as the standard habits don’t work anymore). It is a great opportunity to stretch the creative  muscle. Additionally the game emphasizes the positive approach to innovativeness as it demonstrates how efficient it is.

Agnieszka Dąbrowska, Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych Project Quality manager


Chosen companies that have benefited from the specialist training on creativity and innovativeness