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Building a team based on the talent management – Gallup’s concept

Gallup’s concept of Talents – training description

Gallup Institute, the oldest company to conduct opinion polls worldwide, since 2000 has monitored employees’ level of engagement. In the USA approx. 30% are considered engaged, data from 140 other countries show 13%, while in Poland it is 17%.

For a few years we have heard about a significant crisis related to the engagement of people in their work and the rising number of the Millennials in the labour market has deepened this crisis. Creating an organization culture that favours and encourages engagement has been statement as the main challenge of leaders for the next few years. The talent management concept developed by the Gallup Institute could be a solution to this challenge. The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate to manager show to implement the concept into their work reality.

Participants are led through 3 steps which are necessary to develop talents in practice:

  • Learn it (the leader learns how his/her talents are demonstrated in action as well as the talents of others; he/she under-stands how they contribute to the team and what limitations they bring)
  • Love it (the leader builds acceptance for his/her own talents, sees its benefits and learns how to appreciate them bearing in mind their limitations)
  • Live it (the leader knows how to develop his/her own talents as well as the talents of others  in their routine at work, he/she is ready to do it with genuine involvement)

Competences trained during the workshop

  • raising the awareness of one’s own importance and contribution to the team. It also provides inspirations to be used in private life to raise the sense of having influence on things
  • better understanding of people and Knowledge how to maximize the team’s potential
  • raising self-assurance and awareness that goals and results are achievable as well as greater responsibility for one’s own decisions, attitudes and actions.

Gallup training for a team – to whom i sit addressed in the organization?

  • Individual option: for people on managerial positions who do not manage teams or for those getting ready for the role of a manager – to raise their awareness of their strengths, take full responsibility for their development and concentrate on the achievement of perfection within the field of their talents
  • Managerial option: for managers who manage teams – to acquire the skill of managing people based on the Gallup’s concept of talent management
  • For the team – for team members to get to know each other better, appreciate every member’s contribution and have better communication.

Games and techniques used

INDIVIDUAL OPTION: 30 Carats, Simbols
MANAGERIAL OPTION: Challenging Assumptions, Webmaster
TEAM OPTION: Power Expedition, Challenging Assumptions

Metoda Gallupa - szkolenia z budowy zespołu



Companies in which we have conducted teambuilding trainings based on the talent management concept