The last 6 months have demonstrated how important the team spirit and precision of goals are. What’s more, understanding the innovative strategy of the organization who – in the face of pandemic-related challenges – had to change completely the way of functioning, turned out as an important factor of productivity. And the third significant aspect – clear and appropriately communicated vision of the company’s future. The vision that should be ambitious enough to motivate people and, on the other hand, achievable in order to enable the transition to the planning and goal implementation stage.

That is why we have prepared 3 proposals of new year’s meetings that will help:

  • engage the team (and even the whole organization) to contribute, remotely, to the creation of the vision of the company’s and the industry future, which will enhance/strengthen employees’ sense of identity and belonging,
  • provide to the team an opportunity to share the experience of an interactive online game, which with the facilitator’s additional debriefing, will bring additional teambuilding value,
  • create a context to conduct strategic discussion within the executive team and as a result of the workshop based on Elinor Ostrom’s (Nobel-prize winner in economics) concept reach a common strategy how to achieve goals.


They can be either incorporated in a conference agenda or conducted as an integral meeting.

The first quarter of the year  is a time when strategic plans and visions are established and communicated to employees. It is the moment when managers set goals for their teams and transfer Board’s decisions related to the beginning year.
It is also an opportunity to meet and decide on an action plan for the forthcoming quarter, half year or even year.

How to make these meetings attractive and engaging?
Each proposal includes the time to reflect and discuss business plans and challenges in an engaging form.

1.COLLECTORS – thrilling team building online for a team or the whole company.

An engaging online game that will stimulate participants to action! Participants, divided into smaller teams, will:

– plan and implement a strategy,
– make instant decisions,
– fight for points.

The game takes participants into the world of travel (that we are all longing for) as they became traders and visit airports all around the world. This interactive online activity sets various challenges, among others:

– to maximize profit under time pressure,

– to complete tasks in a situation of uncertainty,

– to create a common strategy within the team,

– to be disciplined when making individual decisions, in line with the established plan.

In this game, each participant contributes to the final result and can lead the team to victory.


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2. POWERFUL EXECUTIVE TEAM – inspiring workshop for the executive team and the Board

It is a proposal based on the New Common Game addressed to managers working remotely. During this managerial  training there is room for reflection and the game provokes lively discussions, full of emotions and insights.

This online experience is an excellent introduction to valuable workshops for managers and discussions about the company future and divergences in the perception of how to attain the expected goal.The workshop offers to managers the opportunity to:

  • share a game experience with the New Commons Game;
  • work out an individual strategy to achieve both the individual and team goal,
  • collaborate and compete at the same time taking into account the personal profit and common resources;
  • discuss the way to achieve both the individual and common goal,
  • act in a situation of uncertainty and limited resources.

 A metaphorical plot and simple rules make it easy to engage in the game. Powerful Executive Team workshops induce to reflection and the game experience is a perfect introduction to valuable managerial training that can be planned and adjusted to the client’s needs.

This proposal has been developed in collaboration with Game Changers Academy, experts experienced in working with top management and executive teams!

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3. FORECAST 2030 – foreseeing the future is really difficult…

In a thrilling  play, we take participants to the world which is still to come. Forecast is a common experience of imagining the future of the industry or company (depending on the group’s needs) that can be shared by several hundreds of participants. Forecast is the most adaptable proposal to the specificity of your organization. It can be conducted both online and on-site during IT conferences, R&D discussion summits as well as HR events and in-house company meetings from the FMCG, banking, insurance, pharm and automotive industries.

Forecast 2030:

  • helps to map participants’ beliefs related to the future of their industry (or company),
  • integrates around important subjects,
  • is an excellent introduction to further talks and discussions whether and how our actions are in line with the trends, strategies and visions of the future. Do we have a common vision? Are our ideas completely different?

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