ProfitQuest - A business simulation on finance and strategy

It is an engaging simulation in which success depends on making difficult decisions, the skill of foreseeing and building strategy as well as on communication and collaboration. It helps develop and broaden knowledge and skills and verify them in real situations of company management and business development.
Participants are divided into 4-5 people teams and play the role of management boards of competing companies. They have various functions and responsibilities within the company they manage.
Companies are rivals, which releases competition. The plot of the game makes participants plan their actions, foresee the actions of their competitors and enables to compare management efficiency.
All decisions made are visualized on the board by coins and vials symbolizing the assets and liabilities of the company – it helps develop the perspective of seeing the ‘cause and effect’ perspective.


Workshops on strategy thinking and planning

Workshops on building company value

Raising the business awareness among managers or candidates for managerial positions


Duration: 12-16 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)

Number of players: 9+

Benefits for the organization

Helicopter view on the organization and development of managerial competences within strategy planning

Applying in practice the knowledge and skills of company management taking account of the risk related to market activities (such as competition, limited resources)

Demonstrating how processes occurring in every organization translate into financial data

Recommended for

Training programs for managers and specialists

Talent development programs in the organization

Comments of those who played:

The game made me aware how difficult it is to remain in the market within a well- thought strategy. Thanks to the board I could see how the company works and changes and the consequences of the decisions made.

firmy profit quest

The most important topics of the game and workshop are, in my opinion: the influence of the strategy on the P&L account and balance sheet, the value of the company, making decisions under time pressure, cash flow control and strategy thinking.

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