September 22th Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych was present at Warsaw Science Festival for the 8th time. Joanna Średnicka, Jakub Wiśniewski and Łukasz Kozak conducted a workshop based on Pracownia’s newest game – Safari. It is a game about building efficient motivation and reward systems for employees. It is based on a professor Andrzej Blikle’s concept described in his book ‘To manage differently”.

The game was followed by an interesting discussion about efficient motivation and reward systems.

The Science Festival was initiated by academics from University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology and Polish Academy of Sciences. The first edition of the Science Festival was held in 1997. Each year, science institutions, institutions of higher education, research institutes, museums, cultural institutions, scientific foundations and science clubs engage in the organisation of the Science Festival in order to present their achievements and familiarise the audience with their daily work.

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