wdr logoThe conference Warsaw Recruitment Days will be held for the 5th time on February 18t-19th. It is the most important event in Poland dedicated to the subject of new technologies and solutions applied in HR and Employer Branding. The conference is organized by HRstandard.pl.

A special report on The Future of HR Tools will be presented, among others, during the conference. Joanna Srednicka from Pracownia Gier has contributed to the report and written a paper on the application of on-line games in competence diagnosis. During a discussion panel, experts and HR practitioners will have the opportunity to comment on the results of the report and discuss the possibility of competence games replacing, in future, expensive solutions such as AC/DC.

Participants of the conference have the choice between 3 topics: new technologies, new HR forms and Employer Branding. Representatives of such companies as: Microsoft, Orange, E&Y Polska, Shell and many others will appear at the conference as speakers.
The first day of the conference will end with the announcement of the winners of the contest – “HR Heroes”.


On the second day of the conference, from 12.30, we invite participants to take part in a huge game called Tree of Life. Why huge? Because it is played simultaneously by over 120 participants. Players, starting from the level of last universal common ancestor (LUCA) will try to reach the highest levels on the evolution ladder. The success and victory in the game depend on cooperation skills and engagement of all team members to achieve their goal….

logo200Additional rewards will be waiting for all those who enroll for the second day of the conference. They will have a unique opportunity to check their competences with Archipelago Competence Game. Archipelagois the first of a series of online competence games designed by Pracownia Gier. On the completion of the game each person will receive an individual report with the description of his/her competences and development guidelines.

Check the programme of conference

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