Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych has been invited to conduct a workshop for participants of the second UN Winter School held in Thailand and dedicated to the subject of sustainable consumption and production in Asia and the pacific. The school starts on January 17th and is going to last two weeks. Participants are young leaders – future decision-makers – from developing countries of the region.
The objective of the meeting is to improve the knowledge of future decision makers in the area of Sustainable Consumption and Production and thus contribute to the design and implementation of policies, business models and practices that can promote sustainable resource management.
The two-week program includes lectures as well as practical workshops. Within the frame of the workshops Joanna Średnicka and Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka are going to play HEXGame. The game wasn’t chosen randomly as HEXGame was developed in 1976 under UNESCO sponsorship by a team of scientists led by Richard D. Duke in response to an urgent need to educate management staff in the public and private sector in Ghana. It was part of a UNESCO programme supporting under-developed countries in their growth and attempt to solve their dramatic social and economic problems.
Winter school participants will have the opportunity to take part in a very engaging experience of country management. They will have to negotiate on different authority levels and deal with local crises as well as social discontent.

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