In Pixel game players become stained glass makers. Their task is based on the story of a window from the cathedral in Gloucester – one of the largest and most beautiful stained glasses in Europe which was dismantled during the Second World War and then reassembled without any precise instructions. As in the case of the Gloucester window, in Pixel players have to assemble a given pattern from smaller elements. The knowledge and competences are dispersed, so collaboration is required to complete the task.

This team challenge is the illustration of remote collaboration focused on a common goal. It will help understand what factors favour and obstruct smooth collaboration. The simulation is the introduction to establish rules related to participants’ professional activities.

It is also an opportunity to look at colleagues from a different perspective and enjoy some time together.

Participants train:

to manage information and tasks in the team​,

to install order and plan work​,

to communicate efficiently​,

to collaborate efficiently​,

to take responsibility for the achievement of the team goal and the final result​,

to act under time pressure in a situation of uncertainty.

Since its creation the game has been played by several hundred of participants from different organizations, functioning in various industries (e.g. finance, consulting, new technologies, law, industry, media). All our projects have been conducted online in the frame of online trainings and integration of dispersed teams.

The game played online

Duration: 75 minutes
Number of participants: 6 – 36
Software: Zoom and Microsoft Teams

The team meets on an online platform and work on a shared board. Additional information is provided to players individually.

One group consists of up to 12 people. It is possible to conduct the game for 3 groups simultaneously – each group in a different break-out room and debriefing for all the participants moderated by the trainer .

Gra Pixel

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