The event industry has come back to life after the pandemic hurricane that battered the representatives of MICE sector.

For several years we have been cooperated with top event agencies and supported them in the organization of company events and industry conferences with our games, simulations and interactive activities that can integrate groups of up to 2000 people.


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Training games used during company events have become more and more popular. Our leading proposal for the integration of large groups – The Tree of Life – enabling the interaction of up to 1000 participants (!) was valued highly by the event industry and rewarded with the MP Power Awards as the Product of the Year 2016. Since then, we have played it for several thousands of participants and each time it was evaluated as exceptional. In Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych’s offer you can find numerous proposals for integration activities, both online and stationary as well as hybrid (mixed) forms. 

Integration games are an excellent solution to meet the needs of teams related to the getting to know each other better, building relationships in a less formal environment as well as improving their communication or collaboration within the group. 


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