While searching recently new training solutions for our clients, we have taken into account questions that they most often ask:

  • How to make cooperation within a team easier?
  • How to make people use fully their potential as well as take advantage of the knowledge and experience of their colleagues?
  • How to teach people something and what’s more inspire them by means of training experience to change their habits?
  • How to engage people in the change of the way they usually do things?
  • And how to achieve it without taking them away from their work for a full day? And so that results can be seen quickly.

We have succeeded in finding a method of work that meets all the above mentioned challenges – it is the Brown Bag training.

[zaptitle title=’What is the Brown Bag training?’]

torba1It is a short but very intense meeting held in 2-week cycles, which consists in 90% of practical tasks. They trigger and consolidate participants’ change of their habits and behaviours. They lead to the achievement of a real goal which can be measured with indicators established with the client. During the time just a little longer than a lunch break employees get to know better themselves and their colleagues and work out attitudes that match their role in the organization and business reality.

[zaptitle title=’Brown Bag history’]
The idea of Brown Bag was born from the need to transfer knowledge in a quick and informal way, for example during a lunch break. It is a very popular training method in the USA – both in companies and universities. The name Brown Bag refers to the paper bag in which snacks or sandwiches are packed.

[zaptitle title=’Why is this training efficient?’]

  • We enable participants to experience cooperation that makes the execution of tasks easier and provides satisfaction.
  • We work with Solution Focus Approach tools, which means that we concentrate on participants’ strengths and it helps us to uncover latent resources residing in the team.
  • We provide enough time to acquire a new habit as our work with the team consists of 4 meetings. Each meeting, which is held every two weeks, lasts 3 hours.
  • We do not waste time, energy or money. We work in the client’s office, take only 3 hours of employees’ time and we bring sandwiches with us 🙂

[zaptitle title=’Trainings in the Brown Bag series:’]
top manager cz

ORGANIZATION MANAGING TEAM – for teams of managers overloaded at work and who dream of improving their subordinates’ activities and reduce their personal costs.
A plan of actions to be taken in order to improve cooperation along with the verification of the first steps. A better collaboration within the managing team.


lider w zmianie2 czLEADER IN CHANGE – for managers responsible for the implementation of changes and who have to face the challenge of engaging people from their teams as well as allies dispersed in the organization in the process of change.
Openness to change, readiness to engage others, action plan.


zespol 2 czTHE TEAM – for interdepartmental teams and goal-oriented teams who should be shooting at the same target but sometimes play it individual.
New and fresh ideas for a better cooperation determined in the form of concrete activities. More efficient collaboration.


zespol w zmianie cz

TEAM IN CHANGE – for teams that undergo change and those who should be prepared for some change..
Greater openness to change. New and fresh ideas for a better cooperation determined in the form of concrete activities.


If you want to learn more on the Brown Bag training, contact us:

+48 22 468 85 52

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