logo-main On February 10th started the Lenten Lamentations/New Epiphanies Festival (the 7th interdisciplinary Easter Festival).
The programme of the festival was drawn so that it reveals the abundance of our spiritual culture by combining traditional spectacles with modern theatrical forms: installations by Igor Gorzkowski and Mirek Kaczmarek, Mikołaj Mikołajczyk’s drama in which the community of Zakrzew is engaged, paratheatrical events and performances by Jarosław Tumidajski and Supermarket Group.
Pracownia Gier has been invited to cooperate with Supermarket Group in the preparation of the performance Lenten Lamentations.
Artists along with the audience will take a closer look at our choices – the insignificant ones as well as the most important and final decisions – and reflect on the question if we really are the architects of our own fortunes and whether there are questions that can be left unanswered and decisions unmade.
The series of dilemmas that the audience will have to face as well as their decisions will influence the destiny of one of the heroes of the play. There is a clue – a person with a pure heart will play an important role. If you want to learn more, visit Teatr Ochota on March 5th. It will certainly be a very moving and memorable experience.

supermarketGrupa Supermarket (transformed in 2005 from Warszawska Grupa Teatralna) consists of Jakub Kamieński, Redbad Klijnstra and Łukasz Czapski as well as a group of artists from Warsaw and Wrocław. They like to call themselves ‘artistic commando or a high artistic risk collectivity. They are focused on asking questions and encouraging the audience of their drama-actions to search for answers.

Welcome to Teatr Ochoty, 5th of march 2016, at 20:00

Lenten Lamentations Festival will finish on 20th of March 2016. The festival programme

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