A Matter of Time

A simulation demonstrating how to raise the efficiency of activities by means of coordination.
A Matter of Time is a company in a pill – it simulates a company mechanisms, interrelations and challenges. The game represents a company in a state of raised temperature or, rather, a situation when one must react quickly and efficiently because each moment may become decisive. In this context it is essential to establish priorities, analyze and organize tasks which must be accomplished.
Participants become employees of 3 different departments in one large organization – the technical, administrative and sales departments (any knowledge related to these subject is not required). The company faces an important challenge – it should move to the new office within the week. Each participant (representing a different department) has also to organize his/her own work in order to achieve established goals and prepare the company to move out at the same time.
Apart from the instruction each participant receives a series of task cards –he/she has to make a plan and schedule his/her working week. Some tasks are to be performed individually, while others require the help and cooperation of other departments.
During the game some unexpected tasks appear and they have to be completed as well.


Trainings and workshops on:

  • time management
  • team management
  • project management
  • improvement of team efficiency


Duration:  2 – 3 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)

Number of players: 6+

Benefits for the organization

  • Development of skills related to time and project management
  • Creating cooperation within and among teams
  • Improving task planning and coordination processes
  • Experiencing consequences of key tasks and/or priorities not being accomplished and working out the reasons and tools that can avoid this situation in future

Recommended for

  • Recruitment processes (assessment or development center)
  • Talent development programs
  • Training programs for managers and specialists
  • Employer Branding activities


A fabulous game, good fun and interesting conclusions.

I will definitely make use of it at work and in private life!

I have learnt a few things about myself, about a few mechanisms that accompany the planning and management process and about teamwork.

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