It is our pleasure to inform you that we were chosen as a substantive partner to ISAGA Summer School 2016. For the first time in 11 years the event will take place here in Poland, in Krakow, at the Economic University, and will last from July 11th to 17th.



The International Simulation Gaming Association (ISAGA) is the oldest and most prestigious organization of professionals and academics who use simulation games in their practice. It has origines in early seventies. The main mission of ISAGA is to promote knowledge and develop the skills of making “serious games” and their use and popularization in scientific and business circles, for example through the annual organization of the ISAGA Summer School.


During this interactive week specialists (teachers, trainers, researchers, and designers) from around the world will have the chance to take part in passionate classes.

The program is made up of substantive lectures and workshops as well as practical lessons at which, under the watch of experts, you will be able to create a simulation game out of a chosen topic. Every day will be dedicated to a different issue. We’ll begin with identifying your needs and end with an evaluation of the tools, like games and simulations. This structure organizes the entire process and makes developing the event’s participants’ competences easier.

ISAGA Summer Schools allows you to meet teachers, trainers, lecturers, researchers, as well as fans and strategic/business games users all in one place. The exchange of experiences, promotion and popularization of knowledge in the field of simulations is the main idea behind Summer School.

banerThis is a spectacular event of a non-profit nature which, by its presence, celebrates renowned industry leaders.

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych will be represented by Joanna Średnicka and Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka, members of ISAGA since 2006.