Honey Rush

The game is inspired by the life of bees. It is a vivid and captivating metaphor of interrelations, the role of collaboration and individual engagement. Participants will be emerged in the atmosphere of frenetic preparations before winter the frenetic. They will be busy as bees in a hive – it is an excellent description of the increasing involvement, time pressure and the moments of creative chaos that participants will have to face. The teams representing swarms and meadows depend on each other to grow and blossom. Only by collaborating will they be ready for the incoming winter.

In order to survive it is necessary to find the balance between:

  • identity and adaptability,
  • stability and dynamics,
  • the imposed order and self-control,
  • proactivity and reactivity.

How will participants cope? Will they manage to maintain their engagement, take care of relationships and achieve the goal?


Development according to new needs,

Creating context for formating new pocesses, setting the tone of teamwork,

Building a wide space for own initiative and proactivity,

Possibility of achieving a CSR goal.

Recommended for you if:

You grew up form a medium organization to a lagre company,

You’ve established a new strategy, that, while having better results, requires changing habits and processes,

You have found yourself on ‘a rising wave’, you growing dinamically.


Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)

Number of players: from 60 even up to 1000 people

Logistic requirements: 2,5m2/person, round banquet tables – 1 table for 12 people

What will the participants experience?

Meaning of engagment,

Value of seeing things from different perspective,

Adaptation to changes and chaos,

Good mixture of competition and cooperation,

Acting in dynamic reality,

Synergy of team growth,

Focus on priorities.

The content partner of Honey Rush is Pszczelarium.


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