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Who has an impact on the image of the organization?


Game description

The simulation is related to the subject of communication within horizontal structures of the organization, with particular attention to client needs (including the internal client). It reveals the interdependence between the ability to cooperate with other teams and the quality of the final product that the client receives.
Participants take roles of employees from competing companies that supply the same market. They all produce, promote and sell the same product … slogans. During the game they must understand the client and their own goals, and must cooperate, plan, communicate to organize the work smoothly. The goal in the game is to score the highest number of points by supplying the client with the product that fulfils their needs.


Duration: 4 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 18+

Benefits for the organization

  • Increasing motivation to exchange information and knowledge sharing within teams and between teams (improvement of communication quality)
  • Orienting teamwork towards the client and business goals of the organization
  • Overcoming barriers and limitations of cooperation within and between teams (resolving silo issues)
  • Increasing efficiency of the organization’s internal client service



  • Strengthening client-oriented cooperation
  • Establishing solutions supporting communication between different departments
  • Overcoming silo issues


Recommended for

  • Training programs for managers and specialists
  • Talent development programs
  • Integration and training meetings


Comments from those who played and recommend the game


It was a real test of openness and dynamics, cooperation and teamwork. I was surprised how quick time went on and how great was our cooperation within a new team.

A golden rule I will remember from today’s game and apply in my everyday work is to make better use of my colleagues’ knowledge and the importance of communication and cooperation. Thanks to the game I realized that you have always to take into account the client and his/her needs.