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HEXGame workshop

It is a dynamic and simulation-based workshop during which participants are immersed in a real situation requiring them to react instantly. It initiates an efficient process of change in the approach to communication and cooperation in situations of limited informational resources and facing difficult decisions.
The workshop program enables to develop competencies in two areas of influencing: influencing the system and influencing people. It is based on a leadership model described by McKinsey experts, which suggests that the achievement of organizational goals requires from leaders two sets of competencies:

  • Strategic and system thinking – to build an efficient and operational organization system,
  • Self-awareness – to influence efficiently people working within the system.


Game description

HEXGame is a metaphor for a large organization. Players participate in a strongly engaging experience of country management. They have very limited resources with restricted access. They have to negotiate on different authority levels and deal with local crises as well as social discontent. In a situation of obstructed communication they have to manage the country rationally and they need to fulfill their leadership role.


Duration: 3-4 hours (+ debriefing and workshop)
Number of players: 16+

Who is the workshop addressed to?

  • Current and future organization leaders with their teams
  • Cooperating teams of leaders
  • Project teams whose members come from different organization structures
  • Several small teams who should cooperate because their tasks are interdependent


What participants experience?

  • Communication challenges typical for multi-level management structures and intrinsic boundaries
  • The role of cooperation (particularly in the field of sharing information and coordinating its flow in the process of complex organizational change) in order to achieve goals
  • The role of leadership (on every management level)
  • Interrelations between different management levels
  • Management on various levels (opportunity to take a role which is different from the one in the real world)


Benefits for the participants and the organization

  • Understanding the role of efficient vertical and horizontal communication in the achievement of organizational goals
  • Demonstrating how activities on each organization level are interdependent and the lack of shared information emphasizes chaos and reduces productivity in a situation of permanent uncertainty
  • Overcoming silos issues related to keeping (instead of conveying) information
  • Increasing the sense of shared responsibility for the achievement of common/team goals


Examples of realization

Our experience

We possess extensive experience in conducting workshops based on HEXGame simulation, both for Polish and international organizations, including ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius conferences for young leaders of the world for last 3 consecutive times (New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg).