It is still possible to enroll for the first edition of the open certified training program ‘Application of games and simulations in training and development activities’ starting on November 16th.

The program is dedicated to trainers, coaches and educators. Freelancers and in-home trainers, teachers and educators from NGO’s. Participants learn practical applications of the games and simulations method in competency development programs in organizations. They learn how to select games in accordance with the learning objectives of the training, how to facilitate them and make optimal use of their potential in transferring conclusions to real life. How to manage the group process appearing during the game. How to transform the game engagement into practical change and development. The program offers also the opportunity to acquire the newest concepts and models related to learning efficiency, such as: experiential learning, learning agility and the flow stage.
At the end of the course, which is divided into 3 parts dedicated to Knowledge and Experience, Practice and Supervision, participants receive a certificate.